TGIF…. It has been 51 days since we first learned we were going to be asked to stay at home and distance ourselves from one another because of COVID-19.  So much has happened during that time in terms of information about the virus, directions from the Federal government, new information, information from our State government, new information saying our old information was wrong, a lack of information, new directions…one heck of a roller coaster.  During this time, we have tried to operate on facts, make the best possible plans – knowing that things would change, and to communicate to everyone all that we know.

Late Thursday afternoon we learned that COVID has found its way into our facilities in Holland. Hopeful as we might have been, we now need to work with the reality that members of our team have tested positive. So, let’s do this with compassion and facts.

  1. At the Brooks (Coastal Automotive) facility we have 3 positive tests reported and one still pending. We know exactly where these people worked and the areas they visited at work. Those areas have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  2. At the Industrial Ave (Coastal Container) facility, we had one person report “symptoms” Thursday morning. They left the building and have been asked to get tested and stay at home until we are certain they test negative or have completed the 14 day quarantine period. This person’s work area has also been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  3. For team members affected, we wish them a speedy recovery and will do all we can to assist them. The law prevents us from sharing the names of those who test positive so I ask that compassion and common sense prevent us from spreading rumors and letting fear run our lives.
  4. Governor Whitmer yesterday announced that beginning May 11th, all manufacturing businesses can resume operations. There is no longer a need to be essential to open for work.
  5. When you are not at work, or if you are not working, Whitmer has extended the “stay at home” order until May 28th.
  6. All Coastal facilities have solid plans and will continue to execute on their production requirements and staffing targets between now and the end of the PPP term in early June.
  7. All facilities have established significant cleaning, prevention, distancing, and precaution plans. These will be continued and leadership will be expected to manage these expectations for the common benefit of all employees. The specifics of your area of work will be explained to you by your local leaders.
  8. We ask everyone to take personal responsibility for compliance with best practices both at work and at home.  If you feel you may have symptoms, please do not come to work. If you are at work, contact HR immediately. Tests are available, let’s err on the side of caution – get tested.

The unfortunate reality is that we are going to have more positive cases. But, if we continue to be smart about this we will help ensure the best possible outcome.  Our strategy has been consistent, and we are continuing to look out for our team members in the short term as it related to their health and income, and in the longer term as it relates to sustaining a healthy business, with a safe and healthy environment, that supports the financial and professional needs of all team members. Our plans have always considered that this day would come and so, we will continue ahead with our strategy for maintaining safety while we proceed to ramp back up our operational plans.

We appreciate everyone’s efforts thus far, and will continue to get everyone the best information we can.