Good afternoon Coastal Automotive Team,

We hope this blog post finds you and your families safe and healthy. As promised, we want to update you as things change within the business. For the last several weeks, Coastal has been operating as an “essential” business, with about 60% of our employees working on one shift.

Starting next week, we will return to full strength on both shifts. This will be necessary to build the weekly orders for our customer demand and fulfill our plans to bank build for essential inventory. As we have communicated, Coastal received funds from the Payroll Protection Program to pay our employees through June 8, 2020. Our objective is to build enough inventory so that come that date, we can take several weeks off and continue to ship product to our customers from the build. During this time, our team members will, once again, be eligible for enhanced unemployment.

So, here is our plan:

Both shifts will return to work this coming Monday, May 11. Below is the schedule for each shift:

  • First shift: 6:00am-2:30pm (Monday-Friday)
  • Third shift: 9:30pm-6:00am (Monday night-Thursday night)

Next week, third shift will only work 32 hours. They are starting Monday night, instead of Sunday, because we are working Saturday of this week. There will be OT opportunities next week, please ask your Supervisor.

We have communicated that all employees who work in the facility will receive a 30% increase in base pay, plus time and a half for overtime hours. This will continue through next week Friday, May 15 when the “Stay of Home” program ends. At that point, the expectation is that the entire state is back to work, and we will be rolling! However, Governor Whitmer may change her mind relative to the “Stay at Home” mandate, and if that happens, further plans will be determined and quickly communicated.

To keep our facility and employees safe, the following changes will be made starting next week:  

  • All employees will be required to wear a mask on the production floor. Please bring your own mask with you as supplies are running low. If you do not have a mask, we can supply you with one.
  • We have contracted a third-party cleaning service to do a full cleaning in the facility between first and third shift. This will include work surfaces, break rooms, restrooms and common contact points.
  • We will only have the Employee Entrance available/open to our team members. Upon arrival, you will not be able to badge into the facility until 15 minutes before your shift. Your Team Leader will greet you at the door and will conduct a quick health screening, to ensure you are healthy and not exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms.

Please respond to the text message, confirming that you will be at work next week Monday. We look forward to seeing everyone as we navigate the next four weeks together!

See you soon,