For the last month we have learned a lot about COVID-19, global pandemics, how to wash our hands, how to care for one another, how the government deals with crisis, and how to use zoom to enjoy a holiday meal.  Often this feels like things we know we must, but wish we didn’t, have to learn. While all this is going on I hope we don’t lose site of the good that is occurring as well.

I can’t speak for your family and personal lives specifically, but I do know that sacrifices have been made; financially, health wise, loss of personal space at home (could be good or bad I guess). But I do know that some good things have been happening in our businesses.

Through the last month, the leadership teams have had a couple points of focus.

  1. Keep people safe and healthy
  2. Keep people informed
  3. Keep the business healthy so that we all have a company and job return to when this is over.

So, how are we doing?

  1. To date at Coastal there have been 0 reported cases of COVID-19
    • Cool side note #1: Shaun Sikora (Coastal Auto, VP Engineering) has been 3D printing comfort straps for face masks and has sent hundreds to health care workers around the United States. He is also making Coastal specific versions for our own team as we return to work.
    • Cool side note #2: The Coastal Container “Covid Cubbies” were a great assist to many companies and one furniture company is now looking at making a version as an ongoing product…and we could be the supplier.
    • Cool side note #3: Container has partnered with several companies to package supplies and emergency health care materials (sanitizer and masks). Those companies have decided we are a company with “heart” and they want us to be their supplier when things return to normal.
  2. We have created a new web page ( and have worked hard to get all the data about employment and government programs to you as best we could.
  3. As for the healthy business
    • We have managed all our customers in an exemplary way – partnering in all communications consistent with our values. Several customers have given us more and new business because of the way we have supported needs during the crisis.
    • We have anticipated and secured all government support for team members and for the business overall.  Mark McConnell (Coastal Auto, VP Finance) has been driving all our legislative connections in Washington D.C. to understand the impact of the PPP on small business. He has been influential with congressmen, senators and industry lobbyists.
    • And, as the old saying goes, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” In troubled times there will always be opportunity for those who look for it and are clever enough to make things happen. In both companies we have rocked this.


Colorado/Canyon (31XX-2) development
Zoox self-driving car seat back development 
Audi A3 (AU381) development  
M32T & M36T (confidential programs) development 
Ford Ranger (P703) request for quote  
Ford Transit (P713) development
NDA signed with Geely Motors. Program development coming soon.   


While the Sequester in Place order has been in place the sales team has met daily and has continued to virtually support customers and prospect for new sales.  The list below is all the new work that has been secured by these efforts.  Of special note are all the items in RED. They are all directly or indirectly connected to the COVID challenge / opportunity. Collectively this represent $5,210,000 of new business.  Not all of this is in the boat yet, but these fish / whales are on the hook.

  • Steelcase – $260,000 of current quoted business / as well as shipping packaging for (face shields and face masks)
  • Plascore – $550,000 total ($225,000)
  • Metal Flow – $220,000
  • ODL – $1,000,000 – our work enhanced our brand with ODL
  • Harbor Industries – $1,000,000
  • Structural Concepts – $500,000
  • Coppercraft Distillery – $25,000 boxes for shipping hand sanitizer
    • Donation of Hand Sanitizer boxes lead to quoting business
  • California Closets – $500,000
  • Haworth – $350,000
  • Hudsonville Ice Cream – $175,000
  • Enwork Zori – $15,000
  • KTM Industries – $120,000
  • Manufacturers Supply Co. – $250,000
  • Haworth – HCP Project – $25,000
  • Grassmid Greenhouse. – $70,000
  • Applied Textiles – $150,000 facemask kit packaging